Sunday, March 1, 2015

You're Never Too Old...

This is my first blog. My first post on my first blog. Hopefully I'm doing it right. Luckily I have a wonderful mentor to help me. Shout out to Crystal!
I'm excited to join this community of educators via the internet. As a fairly new teacher myself, I'm amazed by my colleagues and their insight and abilities. I've been a 2nd grade teacher for three years now and I can honestly say I love my job! So I'm eager to read other posts and see what everyone else is doing in their classrooms.
Full disclosure: I'm new to this profession, but I'm no kid. I'm 50+ years old, with two grown children and an amazing husband who financed me through graduate school a few years ago, just as our oldest daughter was getting ready to go to college. I worked as a paraprofessional in my daughters' elementary school for a few years and I felt I had found my calling (too cliche? corny? but true!). So I did it...kept on working while going to school at night. I sat at the kitchen table doing homework with my kids. I cried to my husband when it felt overwhelming, when I doubted myself and thought I couldn't do it. I rethought the whole thing when medical issues arose and I had to have some surgery but luckily I was okay. I persevered and here I am. Teaching and blogging. 
I'm looking forward to sharing with you this month.


  1. Of course you're never too old, and I'm so glad you're here! And how lucky you are to do this work with a mentor by your side. You clearly have the "stuff" to persevere - that will set you up just right for sharing your stories over the next 31 days. Hooray!

  2. Welcome to SOL. I'm sure you will persevere here, too. Words give your thoughts and feelings a place to make meaning out of the small moments of your life. Enjoy the ride.

  3. I entered the profession in much the same way. Now 56, I wouldn't change a thing about the way I've lived my life. It is really fun to turn to women my daughter's age to help me learn. I recall a math class I took in my teacher cert program, my son on one side of me at the kitchen table and my husband on my other side, me in the middle crying!!

  4. Welcome - both to teaching and to the life of a blogger.

  5. Very impressive! WOW! What a role model for your children - both at home and at school...find your dream, make it happen. Welcome to slicing!!!