Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Day. Another Snow Delay.

It has become my morning ritual. The alarm gently nudges me from sleep at 5:30 am. I lean over and grab my cell phone to check for messages. There it is, again. Our schools are operating on a 2-hour delay due to weather.
Some people would roll over and go back to sleep. Not me. I grab my robe and head downstairs for coffee, pick up my laptop and get back into bed. I start making adjustments to today's schedule - now interrupted by the delay. Then I check emails and edit my morning message to the kids ("No art today but we still have Spanish this afternoon").
We've had too many of these days this year. Grey skies, freezing cold weather, snow piled so high it's almost comical, icy drives to school, early dismissals, and late starts.
16 days until spring. I wish you all sunny skies and warmer weather!


  1. Oh my goodness, I feel for you who have had so much snow! Good for you for using the time to give yourself a little extra time to work and think. Hope this is your last one!

  2. I know that for many the late starts are a change over simply cancelling the day. Would you rather have a short day and no concerns about making days up or wait for a full day when you can get something done? Overseas it isn't an issue as we never have to make up days so school is either on or cancelled. I know that short days (we have them for early dismissals) can feel worthless to actually achieving any learning. Glad you enjoyed your morning.