Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sister Love

Just over 18 years ago I gave birth to my second daughter. All I wanted was a healthy child, but my older daughter, almost four years old at the time, was sure she was having a baby sister.Although I didn't find out the baby's gender during my first pregnancy, I figured I would need time to help my daughter adjust if, in fact, we brought her home a brother. Halfway through my pregnancy we found out it was another girl and we broke the news to a very excited big-sister-to-be.
Of course I had heard stories about first children who want to send their newborn siblings back to the hospital when they got home, about the change of heart that is not unusual once they realize that they must share their parents' affection and time.
So the day after I gave birth (it was a late night delivery), when my husband brought her to the hospital to see me and meet the baby, I was ready. We had a plan. He called from the lobby saying they were on their way up. I sat up in the chair and left the baby in the bassinet. I wanted to hug my daughter and let her know I still loved her so much and nothing would change that.
She walked into that hospital room, took a look at me and announced more than asked, "Where's my sister?" What a great moment. The three of us got into bed together, big sister holding the baby, staring lovingly into her eyes, creating the bond that will last a lifetime. She's still the best big sister I know! And I am an incredibly lucky mother.


  1. Your post made me nostalgic about this experience for my boys as they met each new children are much younger but we are in our month of birthdays. Love your story!

  2. Wonderful slice! I can picture the little "big" sister entering the room, demanding her sister! Too cute!

  3. Oh, that is a lovely story and a happy memory, written beautifully!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes! I love that you got out of bed and sat down in a chair to greet your firstborn with a hug. If I ever have a second baby, then I know I'm going to do that thanks to your slice. I definitely want to give my daughter a hug. That's probably one of the most important hugs you'll ever gave your firstborn, wasn't it?

  5. Great story! Glad it went well in the moment and sounds like 18 years of sisterly love have followed.